Thursday, 12 April 2012


Akilan the famous Tamil writer has been one of the most favorites to many tamilians... because of his realistic writing. AKILAN - P.V.AKILANDAM -- was born on JUNE 27TH at KARUR latter he spent his childhood and youthful days in PERUNGALOOR - PUDUKOTAI DISTRICT .Akilan wrote truth... what every one even dared to think. He was a gandhian at thoughts and was keenly interested in the upliftment of our society. So he quit his college predegree and followed Gandhiji's steps in India's struggle for freedom.

       He said" a writer must not write what the reader asks for... but he must write what the reader actually needs to know".  Akilan never compromised his writing for anything... that had made him so different and unique.


  1. Dhinesh muthappan9 June 2012 at 01:36

    great and need much more novels........

  2. couldn't get akilan sir's novel from above link, plz check and update

    -- Kumaresh

  3. Hi Kumaresan Ramalingam,
    The Akilan sir's Novels are copyrighted content, so i deleted the page.